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Thank you so much LoveBrum

We're really grateful to LoveBrum for a funding grant to support the Ladywood Helpers in response to the covid-19 crisis. LoveBrum is a Birmingham Charity that engages with and supports local people and businesses to build a better Birmingham.

In response to the covid-19 crisis LoveBrum launched a fundraising campaign called 'OneBrum' raising money to financially support local causes who are delivering specific COVID-related initiatives.

The campaign is centered around uniting Birmingham at this critical time and fundraising specifically for causes who are continuing to deliver great work to help our city during the pandemic.

Donate just £1

Supporters are being encouraged to donate just £1 to help fund several Birmingham based charities and projects including the Ladywood Helpers working to support the most vulnerable members in communities across the city.

The funding received from LoveBrum has helped to purchase fresh produce including vegetables, fruit, bread, dairy and meats to include in our food parcels delivered to the elderly, vulnerable, families and individuals having to isolate at home due to the coronavirus crisis. Thank you so much LoveBrum!!!

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