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Going the extra mile for those in need during the covid-19 crisis

The Ladywood Helpers have been going the extra mile to help and support families and individuals in Ladywood during the coronavirus pandemic.

Since the start of the UK lockdown we have received many requests for help ranging from the elderly and the vulnerable with underlying health conditions to single mothers with several young children unable to get to the supermarket due to the tight shopping restrictions.

Isolated and alone

So many people are in isolation alone with no family or friends nearby to help and support them with simple shopping tasks or prescription pick ups.

In these challenging times with many experiencing anxiety, fear and isolation The Ladywood Helpers have been going extra mile to help and show acts of kindness and generousity to many families and individuals thanks to the support of our generous donors and funders.

Waffles for breakfast

From supporting an elderly gentleman with cancer having daily chemo trips to the hospital with a food parcel including his favourite coffee and waffles for breakfast, to treating a lovely elderly man living alone with his favourite pink lady apples.

Also supporting a single man living alone with motor neurone disease in a high-rise flat not having had fresh fruit and vegetables for weeks and especially missing oranges to supporting Muslim families observing Ramadan and providing traditional food items during their fast.

Acts of kindness

We're so pleased the Ladywood Helpers can go the extra mile to show acts of kindness at this time.


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