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Generousity from the Ladywood Leisure Centre

The newly built Ladywood Leisure Centre in the heart of Ladywood is now at the heart of the Ladywood Helpers operation by generously allowing the Ladywood Helpers to use the leisure centre to store our food pantry while closed due to the covid-19 crisis.

The leisure centre is being used to accept and store donations also pre-packing parcels for families and individuals who get in touch with us requesting our help with food parcels.

The fantastic leisure centre management team are also helping us with printing and stationary needs. Many of the leisure centre staff are also Ladywood residents. All staff members have now been furloughed until further notice.

Please note: the pantry is not open to the public, all requests for a food parcel must come through the Ladywood Helpers).

Working together

The Ladywood Helpers is providing a platform for businesses and charities to work together to make a difference and support the community during the covid-19 pandemic.

If you would like our assistance please visit our Need Help page to get in touch.


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