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A helping hand for those in covid isolation

We receive daily calls for people in isolation due to the covid-19 crisis. From an elderly gentleman aged 75 living alone too frightened to go out and has been living on cereal, to individuals with underlying health conditions told to stay indoors but not received a NHS list letter to single parent mothers unable to take young children to the supermarket due to restrictions.

However, the Ladywood Helpers are more than just food parcel deliveries. There are all sorts of reasons why people may need our help too.

More than just food

Through our partnership network of charities, organisations, community projects, schools, local churches and army of volunteers we have helped to do online registrations for those with critical health conditions to the NHS list so they can get priority online supermarket shopping slots and weekly food parcel deliveries or picking up prescriptions from the local pharmacies for GP patients . We are also checking in on people living alone who may just need a friendly chat.

It's been heartbreaking to hear the stories of those isolated and alone. We're so pleased the Ladywood Helpers are there to help


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