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Supporting Ladywood residents during the Coronavirus Crisis

About The Ladywood Helpers

The Ladywood Helpers are a group of Ladywood based charity organisations, community projects, anti-poverty groups, foodbanks, churches and primary schools who are partnering and working together to help ensure the neediest households, families and individuals in the Ladywood area of Birmingham get access to help and support during the coronavirus crisis.


From foodbank referrals, job loss support, money advice and signposting to other support services.

These will be challenging times for everyone, the Ladywood Helpers are here to help.


Working together to offer help and support to families and individuals in Ladywood during the coronavirus pandemic in the UK.


Whether you're a family in need, an elderly person self-isolated or an individual who has just lost their job -
We're here to help!


We welcome donations to support our work. Financial donations would be best at this time due to our physical locations being closed.

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